Digital-Tutors – Introduction to 3D in After Effects

Digital-Tutors – Introduction to 3D in After Effects

Beginner | 1h 26m |1.05 GB | Project Files 3 MB | Required Software: After Effects CS5.5

In this series of After Effects tutorials, we will learn how to manipulate and work with 3D layers in After Effects. We will learn how to make layers 3D, and how to work with 3D cameras and lights. We will also learn all the little tips and tricks to using 2D and 3D layers together and using pre-comping and collapse transforms to correctly have our various layers interact. From there we will dive deeper into the 3D camera and learn how to create a null dolly system to make it easier to work with the camera and create transitions that we expect. Finally, we will learn some neat things we can do in 3D, like per character 3D transforms on text and the powerful depth of field system which gives us realistic depth blur and bokeh.

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Download Links:- – Introduction to 3D in After Effects.part1.rar – Introduction to 3D in After Effects.part2.rar – Introduction to 3D in After Effects.part3.rar


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  1. Why did you put a bigass watermark all over the video? So annoying and irritating. How about a small discrete watermark in a corner instead? Fucking lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Already deleted it and downloaded it elsewhere, and I won’t ever download anything from your wannabe site again. How old is the guy who decided this was a good idea? 12?

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