O’Reilly – Creating 3D VR Games with Unity

Virtual reality (VR) has become a dominant force in the game world, so knowing how it works is critical to anyone wanting to become a game developer. This course, designed for those with working knowledge of the Unity game engine interface, outlines the basics of 3D VR game development; it examines the capabilities of the different types of VR headset platforms; and it provides specific instruction on how to use the Google VR support tools inside the Unity game engine.

When you complete the course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the VR game development process plus hands-on experience in how to create 3D VR games for Google VR headsets.

Discover what VR – virtual reality – really means in the game context and how it works
Explore the capabilities of different types of VR headsets/platforms
Learn to work with the Google VR support tools inside the Unity game engine
Understand how to build a 3D VR game designed for the Google VR platform
Gain experience creating VR test scenes, setting up VR inputs, and interacting with VR space
Learn about VR gameplay, audio in VR, and VR menus



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