Pluralsight – Rendering a RealFlow Ocean in Maya

Learn how to render a RealFlow ocean in Maya for your next project. In this course, Rendering a RealFlow Ocean in Maya, you’ll take an ocean scene from start to finish in a production environment. First, you’ll discover simulation in Realflow, displacement, splash and foam, and rendering in Maya. Next, you’ll explore the RealFlow RenderKit, mental ray, and Arnold in Maya 2016 and 2107. Then, you’ll go through some frequent problems that arise when doing FX in production that will require you to solve and have a workaround. Finally, you’ll learn not only to create and render oceans but solve some of the problems that will come up, bugs, and limitations in the software that can save a substantial amount of valuable time. When your finished with the course, you’ll have the skills needed to create ocean scenes and solve and prevent problems in the future.



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Pluralsight – Rendering a RealFlow Ocean in Maya.part1.rar
Pluralsight – Rendering a RealFlow Ocean in Maya.part2.rar
Pluralsight – Rendering a RealFlow Ocean in Maya.part3.rar


Mirror :-










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