Blender 101 – Blender 341: Character Rigging with Rigify

In this course we will use Blender’s Rigify add-on to create a basic rig for a game character. You’ll learn how to prep the character for rigging and generate the base rig using the Rigify add-on. We will then generate the control objects of the rig and go over the various controls and how they would be used during animation. From there we will adjust the weights of the character using Blender’s vertex groups, and parent the character’s war hammer and shield to the rig.

4 videos, 54mins

01. Generating the Base Rig
02. Creating the Control Objects
03. Adjusting Weights Using Vertex Groups
04. Parenting Props to the Rig



Download Links:-




Mirror :-


Mirror :-

Blender 341 – Character Rigging with Rigify.part1.rar
Blender 341 – Character Rigging with Rigify.part2.rar










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