Gumroad – Look Dev Realistic Skin for Characters by Tom Newbury

This is the second tutorial of the realistic skin series.

In this tutorial I go into my process of lighting a bust and then building up the layers of texture which make up the realistic skin we are trying to achieve.
I start by building a multi layered displacement then add the diffuse element, build the spec network and finally bring the character to life by balancing the sss.
I have also provided low res samples of my texture maps for you to refer to when doing your own characters.
The software used in this tutorial is:

Maya 2017


Even if you are using a different software such as 3D Studio for lighting and rendering, the methods I use in this tutorial should translate over to those packages as long as the software supports Arnold



Download Links:-




Mirror :-


Mirror :-

Gumroad – Look Dev Realistic Skin for Characters.part1.rar
Gumroad – Look Dev Realistic Skin for Characters.part2.rar
Gumroad – Look Dev Realistic Skin for Characters.part3.rar
Gumroad – Look Dev Realistic Skin for Characters.part4.rar










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