Packt Publishing – 2D Game Development with Unity 5.x

This course will transcend your Unity 5 knowledge into an advanced practical level by building an action packed the 2D game with a game framework that will enable you to quickly get new game ideas up and running without re-writing code from previous unity projects.

With the beginning of our first project, a 2D game where you’ll understand how to build your initial code structure, and from there, create controllers for your player and the camera. You’ll then add in weapons and learn how to keep track of enemy kills, after which, you’ll create game-play by scripting in C#. Finally, you’ll create the visuals and publish the game to multiple platforms. By developing this framework you will take a look at using Inheritance, Polymorphism, Interfaces, namespacing, static utilities and build out a basic editor shelf to give quick access to tools.

By the end of this video course, you will have made a basic 2D game as well as a reusable game framework and an editor extension to expedite the creation of the 2D game you make.



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Mirror :-

2D Game Development with Unity 5.x.part1.rar
2D Game Development with Unity 5.x.part2.rar










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