skillshare – Replicate Any Photographer’s Style: Making Preset Looks in Lightroom

The goal of this series is to be able to teach you not only how to edit in Lightroom, but also how to discern visual aesthetics that certain photographers will use. The point of this series is not to be able to replicate the photographer’s style exactly—in some cases I know that it’ll be completely wrong— rather to be able to use what we’ve learned and apply it to your own photographs.

Disclaimer: These tutorials are not connected to the original artist, or company’s direct editing style. It is used to illustrate how to achieve a similar tone to the artist, (i.e. visually replicated motifs and color-styles) not how to infringe upon the artistic rights and styles of the original artist/company. If any artist wishes to have their video removed, they have the right to contact and ask it to be removed.



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Mirror :-

skillshare – Replicate Any Photographers Style Making Preset Looks in Lightroom.part1.rar
skillshare – Replicate Any Photographers Style Making Preset Looks in Lightroom.part2.rar










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