Skillshare – The VHS Look in After Effects

“If you’re as fond of the 80s as I am, than you’re gonna love this class! Learn how to make any animation, video or still photo look like it came straight out of a beat up camcorder, and reuse the effect on absolutely any project!

I’ll teach you how to take advantage of using many different adjustment layers stacked on top of each other, advanced blending mode techniques, and unleash the power of precomps. We’ll walk through how to use lots of different effects in ways you may not have before, and build completely customizable visual distortions.”



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Mirror :-

Skillshare – The VHS Look in After Effects.part1.rar
Skillshare – The VHS Look in After Effects.part2.rar
Skillshare – The VHS Look in After Effects.part3.rar
Skillshare – The VHS Look in After Effects.part4.rar










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