Gumroad – Ultimate Weapon Tutorial – Marmoset Renders – Tim Bergholz


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Duration: 1hour 08min video MP4 format with full audio commentary in English


Whether you followed the AKM tutorial all the way or just want to learn how to make amazing renders, this tutorial is all about doing exactly that. We cover everything that matters for a smooth Marmoset workflow with top results.

We start by learning all important settings for our material setup and continue with the powerful marmoset cameras applying all the right settings to them.

You will then learn how to make different kinds of renders such as having the whole gun in the picture and we will match it to look as close to an actual promotion picture as possible.

The next renders are focusing on close up zooms to show off some of our details that we have on them. We will then add some extra depth to our renders in Photoshop by adding some particles to the scene as well as cool looking smoke which comes out of our barrel elements near the hand-guard.

As the last two things in this tutorial you will learn how to render out a 360 animation as well as creating a stunning looking “marmoset viewer” file ready to be uploaded to art station or any other place.

Software used: Marmoset Toolbag 2, Photoshop



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Mirror :-

Ultimate Weapon Tutorial – Marmoset – Portfolio Renders.part1.rar
Ultimate Weapon Tutorial – Marmoset – Portfolio Renders.part2.rar










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