Gumroad – Ultimate Weapon Tutorial – Texturing – Tim Bergholz


Lowpoly and Highpoly AKM files
Procedural wood substance for texturing
Diamond pattern normal map

Duration: 2hrs 30min video MP4 format with full audio commentary in English

Important note for Substance Painter 2 users:


Learn how to create state of the art textures that are as close to photo realism as it can get for video game standards.

Using the industries latest PBR techniques we will start by baking out all the essential maps and continue with a short introduction into some of Painter’s core features. Learn how to import our freshly baked normal map in to Photoshop where we add some diamond pattern to our grip part of the AKM.

Back in Painter we will then tweak a procedural wood texture until it matches our reference image and apply all the important base materials to our model.

We continue with several passes of wear and tear and go through every individual object to make sure that it looks perfect from every angle we are looking from. Learn how to hand paint in normal map information straight on to our mesh as well as fine tuning procedural techniques to get the wear and tear in just the right amounts that we want to have.

At the end we will have a look at some of the export options where we can get them ready for Marmoset or any other target engine.

Software used: Substance Painter, Photoshop



Download Links:-




Mirror :-


Mirror :-

Ultimate Weapon Tutorial – Substance Painter – Texturing.part1.rar
Ultimate Weapon Tutorial – Substance Painter – Texturing.part2.rar
Ultimate Weapon Tutorial – Substance Painter – Texturing.part3.rar
Ultimate Weapon Tutorial – Substance Painter – Texturing.part4.rar










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