Pluralsight – Maya Rigging Fundamentals

While skillsets, such as modeling, enables you to create the physical form of a character, having the ability to rig in Maya enables you to bring those models to life by giving them powerful and robust animation controls. In this course, Maya Rigging Fundamentals, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of rigging in Maya 2017. First, you’ll explore the character rigging pipeline and Maya’s rigging toolset. Next, you’ll discover how to rig your own character by creating joint hierarchies, IK based legs with reverse foot setup, IK spline spine setup, and IK/FK switching arms. Then, you’ll get a better understanding on how to rig the hips, chest, shoulders, neck, and head. Finally, you’ll learn how blendshapes can be used to create facial expressions. By the end of this course, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to begin rigging your own characters in Maya. Software required: Maya 2017.



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Pluralsight – Maya Rigging Fundamentals.part1.rar
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Pluralsight – Maya Rigging Fundamentals.part5.rar
Pluralsight – Maya Rigging Fundamentals.part6.rar
Pluralsight – Maya Rigging Fundamentals.part7.rar








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