Red Giant Universe 2.1 CE

Over 65 GPU-accelerated effects and transitions for editors and motion graphics artists.
With a focus on awesome, easy-to-use text effects, the The Universe 2.1 update includes 6 new text tools and updates to 2 existing effects.


– AV Club – Mimic the lo-fi, noisy text you find on ancient video tapes, old infomercials and local access cable channel shows.
– Luster – Give your text a slick 1980’s retro look. Luster applies a metal sheen to text, and includes a refraction-based bevel for a glassy simulated 3D look.
– Title Motion – Create text and shapes and then instantly add dynamic animations that bring them on and off screen. Great for titles, lower thirds, callouts and more.
– Ecto – Create haunting, evolving titles with this glowing fractal-based effect, inspired by Ghostbusters and Stranger Things.
– Long Shadow – Apply a colored, long shadow to text, logo or shape, for both classic and modern motion design.
– Glo Fi II – Give text an ethereal moody look by instantly adding silky smooth, self-animating, fractal-based glow effects to titles. A simple UI make it easy to apply evolving, organic glows.



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Mirror :-

Red Giant Universe 2.1 CE.part1.rar
Red Giant Universe 2.1 CE.part2.rar
Red Giant Universe 2.1 CE.part3.rar










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