CEBAS FINAL RENDER_R3.5 SE SP1 FOR 3DSMAX 2009-2011 x32/x64

CEBAS FINAL RENDER_R3.5 SE SP1 FOR 3DSMAX 2009-2011 x32/x64

Cebas Visual Technology Inc., developer of industry leading visualization software, announces the release of finalRender 3.5 and 3.5 SE Service Pack 1 (SP1), now ready for download at
finalRenderl 3.5 and 3.5 SE are the latest generation rendering systems for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design, offering users unparalleled power, functionality and rendering speed. In its latest
incarnation, finalRender 3.5 SE SP1 is the perfect choice for bigger production houses and advanced users seeking the maximum in quality and flexibility, while finalRender 3.5 SP1 is targeted to the mainstream user.

What’s New in finalRender 3.5 and 3.5 SE SP1

This new SP1 improves overall program stability and enhances workflow as well as network rendering behavior. Continuous beta testing and user feedback have made this release possible and ensures that it will perform better than previous releases of finalRender.

Specific fixes that have been made include:
* Harmonics GI: network rendering isolated and solved, massive speed improvements for blend or mix materials, lots of fine tuning and enhancements.
* thinkingParticles instances and opacities: issues isolated and solved.
* “Frame Finished” hang issue tracked down and fixed.
* finalRender Scanline core renderer: enhanced, tolerating better defective meshes.
* 2Sided material: issues with Harmonics-GI isolated and fixed.
*fR-Layer material: issue isolated and fixed.
* Light Sources/Rectangular Light: issues and random artifacting isolated and fixed.
* fR-Light material: possible issue when using multi-sub materials isolated and fixed, considerable speed improvements achieved.
* Alpha Channel: improvements made.
* fR-Proxy objects: rendering and other issues isolated and fixed.
* fR-Architecture material: problems when using “visible area lights cause no highlights” isolated and fixed.
* Anaglyph Stereo: rendering output enhanced.
* Stereo Camera: only left/right not working when MAX Common “save file” unchecked has been fixed.





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