Eat 3D – Live Action and CG – Foundations

Eat 3D – Live Action and CG – Foundations

EAT3D Live Action and CG Foundations In this demonstration the instructor starts off by explaining the shot and then tracking the footage using Boujou. Once the live footage is tracked, its on to Maya to start blocking out the scene and incorporating CG elements. Everything from Ambient Occlusion, to Render Layers, to even Image Based Lighting is explained while in Maya. After all of the elements are rendered out of Maya, the last thing done is composing them together using Combustion and After Effects. This tutorial is perfect for those who want a solid foundation on how to take your 3D models and incorporate them seamlessly into Live Action video.

Programs used: Maya 8.5 , Boujou 4,  Combustion,  After Effects,  HDR Shop,  and  Photoshop

Duration: 145 Minute

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