Eat3D – Unreal VFX – Material Transitions

Eat3D – Unreal VFX – Material Transitions

In this demonstration the instructor starts off by explaining the nodes that will be used throughout the rest of the DVD. From there he goes into depth on how to create a material that can transition from one set of textures and parameters, into another. He also gets into how to make a character completely dissolve away.

Once the materials are setup, the instructor goes into how to control them in Cascade, Kismet, and Matinee. While inside Matinee, you learn how to time the dissolve to match the animation, and also how to swap entire materials and allow the character to dissolve after he has transformed from stone to real life.

* Introduction to the Unreal Editor 3 Material Editor
* Creating Dissolve and Transition Materials
* Controlling the Transition and Dissolve Material with Cascade
* Using Kismet and Matinee to Control the Material Effects
* Creating the full effect of controlling a Transition Material to a Dissolve Material on an Animated Character

Programs Used: Unreal Editor 3 (from Unreal Tournament 3

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