PolygonMap 9 – 2011 32Bit & 64Bit


PolygonMap 9 – 2011 32Bit & 64Bit

This modifier allow to set planar mapping of selected polygons and orient map by selected edge or by maximum (minimum) length of edges in each polygons.

3ds Max 8 or higher

Brief interface elements description:

Parameters rollout
Sets base edge for planar mapping of each polygon by length of the edge
– Group all polygon mapping and set orient planar mapping by one of the base edges
Quadrafity map faces
– First: Continuity mapping before Link mapping
– Transform mapping tools
– Reset transform and align parameters
Set up base orient edge and align UV map by U or V axis, set transform center point
Set map channel
Weld new UVW vertices
Set aspect parameter from texturemap used of polygon
Get parameters for the plugin from other mapped polygon
Preset controls



http://www.fileserve.com/file/k3hTC84/PolygonMap_5.5.4.3_Max_9.0-2011_32Bit & 64Bit.rar

Thanks to FLUX

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