RenderHeads UVAutoRatio Pro 2.5 for Maya 09/10/11 x32Bit & x64Bit

RenderHeads UVAutoRatio Pro 2.5 for Maya 09/10/11 x32Bit & x64Bit

To get the most out of textures they should be mapped in proportion to the size of the geometry. Not doing so means that different parts of the scene will have different texture distribution, resulting in some textures appearing blurrier than others while some will be overly sharp, making the scene appear inconsistent and strange. Those objects with too much texture mapped to them waste memory and cause aliasing (flickering) due to the overly high frequency of texels.

Artists in the game and film industry can spend hours scaling UVs up and down manually trying to get them to the ideal proportion. This isn’t a particularly fun job, in fact it’s not something we should be wasting our time with. Wouldn’t it be great if this tiresome task was automated?

Enter UVAutoRatio Pro: the complete tool for automating all texel ratio tasks.


•Automatically scale UVs based on surface area
•Fast and accurate processing algorithm
•Ability to specify UV-set
•Operates on UV shells
•Automatically moves overlapping UV shells
•Normalise across multiple objects
•UV shell finder tool
•Ratio inspector tool
•Maintains settings between sessions

Other Features:

•Supports all major 32 and 64-bit versions of Maya on Windows, Mac and Linux up to Maya 2011
•Automatic installer and uninstaller for Windows
•Version update notification system
•Comprehensive documentation
•Comprehensive support

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