RenderHeads VextexChameleon 1.6 for Maya 09/10/11 32 l 64


RenderHeads VextexChameleon 1.6 for Maya 09/10/11 32 l 64

Vertex Chameleon is the ultimate vertex colour toolset for Autodesk Maya!

Vertex colours are heavily used in gaming platforms such as Nintendo Wii & DS, Sony PSP & Playstation 2, internet and mobile phone games. Even next-gen platforms such as PC, Xbox360 and PS3 use vertex colours to help improve performance, add extra detail and save vital memory.

Vertex Chameleon gives you complete control, real-time feedback and a wealth of functionality, resulting in increased productivity and better results.


•Designed to give rapid visual feedback
•Photoshop-style layers (in Maya 7.0 and above)
•Photoshop-style blend modes
•Gradient tool
•Colour swatches
•Colour inspector tool
•Integrated ambient occlusion, lighting and texture baking shortcuts
◦Adjust Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta
◦Adjust Hue, Saturation, Value
◦Brightness & Contast
◦Blur / Sharpen
◦Erode / Dilate
◦Channel inverter
◦Channel clamp
◦Component randomise
◦3D texture sampling
◦Normals 2 Colour

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