Ticket01- Stitch, Konstrukt, SmartDuplicate, Wire, Contours (Ver 201102)For Maya 11 ,10 32/ 64


Ticket01- Stitch, Konstrukt, SmartDuplicate, Wire, Contours (Ver 201102)For Maya 11 ,10 32/ 64

Smart Duplicate
SmartDuplicate is ticket01′s powerful and the only available solution for Autodesk® Maya® to creating duplicated objects along curves and edge loops with easy-to-set-up guide objects, making it the best solution of its kind.


Stitch is the the only available professional solution for easy creation and application of seams to objects in Autodesk Maya. Deriving its origin from Seamour, the world’s first ever available solution for seam creation in Autodesk Maya, Stitch is the logical choice when it comes to any kind of professional seam creation on virtual objects. But Stitch is more than just Seamour 2.0! Through careful investigation of the seaming workflow of customers using Seamour and their invaluable feedback, Stitch has become an evolved and mature application that leads its users to better results in less time. It’s just fun to work with Stitch!


Creating high-quality wireframe renderings of both, smoothed polygonal meshes and NURBS geometry, is finally possible using mental ray for Maya and the ticket01′s Contours plug-in and its accompanying shaders. With its easy setup you’re just a few clicks away from creating the most beautiful wireframe renderings done ever.


When it comes to the search for new shapes that no one ever before has encountered – Konstrukt will support and help you with that. Its Geometry Deformer works like an object magnet that can attach and project all kinds of geometry onto a NURBS surface. The projected geometry will stay modifiable. While being attached and floating across the base, the objects can easily be transformed like any other object. The common manipulators are provided to do so and ensure an interactive feedback.


Wire is ticket01′s powerful solution to creating a wire along arbitrary curved objects.
Whether it might be electric cables, steel ropes or abstract helix-like objects, Wire is the plug-in you’re looking for. It’s been designed to be very easy to use but to deliver powerful and great looking results at the same time!

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Download Links:-

http://extabit.com/file/27aysa1vxd8n4/Ticket01 Wire For Maya 2011.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27aysa1vxd8ps/Ticket01 Stich For Maya 2012.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27aysa1vxd8ow/Ticket01 SmartDuplicate For Maya 2012.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27aysa1vxd5ls/Ticket01 Konstrukt For Maya 2012.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27aysa1vxd5lc/Ticket01 Contours For Maya 2012.rar

Mirror :-


http://turbobit.net/3mtoj2tijbnk/Ticket01 SmartDuplicate For Maya 2012.rar.html
http://turbobit.net/o9fcfeepd1o0/Ticket01 Stich For Maya 2012.rar.html
http://turbobit.net/s4a03rp9mz4m/Ticket01 Contours For Maya 2012.rar.html
http://turbobit.net/smnorafm8s9w/Ticket01 Konstrukt For Maya 2012.rar.html
http://turbobit.net/ufad0smco78r/Ticket01 Wire For Maya 2011.rar.html


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