AutoDesSys bonzai3d v2.4.0 build 7792


AutoDesSys bonzai3d v2.4.0 build 7792

Bonzai3d is a small, intuitive application with BIG capabilities. The goal is to offer conceptual and sketching stages of design, yet CAD accurate models that can be used further down the project pipeline for construction drawings, renderings, animation, 3D printing and so much more.

Bonzai3d was developed to fill in the gap for an affordable, quick, easy, simple, yet geometrically robust 3D modeler without restrictive limitations that can quickly bog down a project. It has a fluid, smart interface. It offers easy sculpting with real time booleans and all the classic modeling tools with real time dynamic editing.

Give Bonzai3d a try and see how useful this three-dimensional modeler can be for you!

· Memory: minimum 512 Mb (Recommended: 1 GB)
· Hard Disk Space: minimum 500 Mb (Recommended: 2 GB)

Language: англ/english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7


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