Futuremark 3DMark Vantage PRO 1.1.0


Futuremark 3DMark Vantage PRO 1.1.0 | 245MB

3DMark Vantage – benchmark that combines test the CPU, VGA card, tools for determining image quality. Corporation Futuremark, a famous producer, perhaps, one of the most popular in-class test packets to measure the performance of today’s personal computers and their components, has released a second update for the latest product 3DMark Vantage (its first update was very important and made it possible to view the results without having to exit in the network).


– During the installation of upgraded components of DirectX, Visual C + + 2010, PhysX, SystemInfo
– Has already put an activated to Professional Edition
– All compression archiver, the final distribution is ~ 245 MB vs. 349 MB Original
– Full installation, depending on the configuration of ~ 2 minutes
– You can manually, automatically visible and hidden installation
– If you do not want the installer switched to my blog, for example during an unattended installation, you can run the installer with the keys / ais – hidden or / aiv – Display

Cheyndzhlog 1.1.0:

• Trial Edition has been removed
• Basic Edition is now free
• Added display scaling to improve display compatibility
• PPU acceleration of the CPU tests is now disabled by default
• Re-compiled with Visual Studio 2010
• Updated the SystemInfo component to version 4.0

System requirements:

CPU: SSE2 support
Recommended: dual-core, equivalent to the power of Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, AMD Athlon X2 6000 +, or faster
Video: full compatibility with DirectX 10 recommended: 512 MB or more
Display:: 1280×1024 resolution recommended: 1920×1200 resolution and more
RAM: 1 GB recommended: 2 GB or more

Year: 2011
Language: English
OS: Vista / Se7en
Platform: x86, x64
Medicine: sew

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