ORBAZ PFTBox #2 Pro v1.07 Box #3 Pro v1.531 3DsMAX 2012 x32/x64


ORBAZ PFTBox #2 Pro v1.07 Box #3 Pro v1.531 3DsMAX 2012 x32/x64



Particle Flow Tools: Box #2 Pro

The Box with PhysX™ inside!

The latest provocative package of particle awesomeness from The Wizard of OrbaZ is Particle Flow Tools: Box#2 Pro. This easy-to-use new software integrates with the Particle Flow system to let you create sophisticated, realistic physics simulations.

Taking advantage of the powerful PhysX™ simulation engine from NVIDIA® (included free, works with and without PhysX-enabled hardware), Box#2 Pro provides operators and tests to replicate real-world effects such as natural and man-made forces, binding particles together and then breaking the bonds, collisions between particles and with other objects, and more. Also included are several new Birth operators that are optimized for physics simulations as well as a preset flow that makes initial setup a snap. To top it all off, Box#2 Pro gives you three new modifiers that allow particles to interact with standard mesh objects in mind-blowing ways.

Particle Flow Tools: Box #3 Pro

The Wizard of OrbaZ presents Particle Flow Tools: Box#3 Pro: a toolset for creating your own Particle Flow tools. You can build standard operators and tests as well as those that use icons. Box#3 Pro lets you save your results as presets that you can choose from a list, or as standard actions that show up in the Particle View depot. The built-in visual editor, as easy to use as Particle View but far more versatile, lets you combine 27 different suboperators (elements) to customize a data flow to suit your needs perfectly.

Box#3 Pro also includes two new Cache operators for making Particle Flow more efficient and seven customizable presets that show off the incredible power of this new tool (with more on the way). And so you can distribute your custom PFlow operators to the rest of your team, Orbaz provides a free read-only version of Box#3 Pro, plus a demo version for trying out the software before you buy.


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