SolidRocks 0.99.1 for 3dsMax 9 – 2012

SolidRocks 0.99.1 for 3dsMax 2012

SolidRocks is an Autodesk™ 3dsmax™ plugin which automates the complex process of setting up rendering for V-Ray. It brings the best of the powerful V-Ray™ rendering engine without any need to know its internal operation.

Just choose the image size and quality you need, and click Render. That’s all ! Don’t spend any more time. Just clic: Render to achieve professional results. SolidRocks adjusts and optimises all needed V-ray parameters to achieve the best render time/quality ratio. Learn V-Ray progressively, watching in real time changes made by SolidRocks.

SolidRocks 0.99 is out !
Now compatible with 3dsMax 2012 !
Now compatible with Vray 1.5SP6 AND Vray 2 SP1 !
Compatible with Vray RT
Now Includes the FlyThrough animation Wizard !
Now compatible with SigerShaders
New V-Ray Dynamic Ram management
1 click process for complete Vray setup !
New Modular and smaller interface (GUI)
mini preview for fast feedback
auto Exposure and Auto White balance tools
friendly and Very simple usage
Full LWF gamma correction with useful options
modifiable presets : exterior, interior…
learn Vray watching SolidRocks at work !
shareLightcache tool for speedup slaves warmup
materials and lights optimisation for best rendertimes
switch from draft to production settings in one click !
gain time… Lot of time !!




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