3D Human Modeling and Animation, Second Edition

3D Human Modeling and Animation, Second Edition

English | 316 Pages | PDF & CD | Wiley 2003 | ISBN-10: 0471215481 | 768 MB

All the tools and know-how to create digital characters that can move, express emotions, and talk
3-D Human Modeling and Animation demonstrates how you can use your artistic skills in figure drawing, painting, and sculpture to create animated human figures using the latest computer technology. This easy-to-follow book guides you through all the necessary steps to create and animate digital humans. Students and professional 3-D artists will find this book to be an invaluable resource.

This Second Edition combines detailed, practical information about creating and animating 3-D human models. More than 400 images, interactive files, and exciting animations included on the CD-ROM detail the modeling and animation processes for both male and female figures. Chapter objectives and exercises are tied to the CD-ROM, which also provides color example images, sample models, modeling templates, textures, lesson plans, and relevant animation movies that allow you to start modeling and animating right away!

Newly revised and updated, 3-D Human Modeling and Animation, Second Edition is a powerful tool all digital artists need at their fingertips. Using the latest computer technology, this nuts-and-bolts reference provides expert methods and techniques for applying the skills used in traditional figure drawing, painting, and sculpture to create and animate human figures in the digital realm. Comprehensive–with groundwork material as well as the latest advances to help experienced artists take their work to the next level–this highly visual book uses more than 400 images to describe the modeling and animation process for both male and female figures. An accompanying CD-ROM allows users to start modeling immediately and includes framework files and textures for application to human figures. Complete with a new problem-solving chapter, this is the perfect volume for the dedicated animator.


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