Xfrog 5 for Maya 2012 (Win/Linux/Mac)


Xfrog 5 for Maya 2012 (Win/Linux/Mac)

Xfrog 5 adds many new Procedural Objects to Maya. By combining these with Maya components/objects you can create a wide variety of organic models and animations based on the building blocks of Nature. Download a fully functional 30 Day Trial Today !

These powerful Xfrog tools are added to your Maya modeling shelf :

Branch Object – Create multi-level branching structures with extremely realistic growth. Animate from seed to adult tree.

Phyllotaxis Object – Arrange components using the mathematical “golden section”. e.g. a sunflower’s petals and seed patterns.

Hydra Object – Arranges components in user defined specialized circular patterns. a wide variety of uses.

Curvature Object – Creates Splines which can be used as a basis for naturally curved leafs or twigs. A very powerful addition to Maya.

Variation Object – Combine different Objects with the Branch, Phyllotaxis and Hydra Objects, for example you can use different leaves scattered throughout a tree, or any sort of variations that you need for higher realism.

Tropism Object – Robust Photo and Gravitropism Simulator which pulls the entire hierarchy towards gravity and towards light, with infinite user controls over animation and strength.


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