Cebas FinalDOF v1.5 For 3DsMax 2012 WIN32/WIN64

Cebas FinalDOF v1.5 For 3DsMax 2012 WIN32/WIN64

finalDOF™ 1.5 is cebas’ next generation effects tool for 3ds Max. finalDOF 1.5 is an all purpose Depth Of Field (DOF) & Motion Blur render effect for 3ds Max 2010-2012 and 3ds Max Design 2010-2012, (32 & 64 bit).

finalDOF 1.5 is the first plug-in ever to break the borders of the newly introduced layered G-Buffer channels of 3ds Max! With its full support of unlimited G-Buffer channels, finalDOF 1.5 outperforms any standard 3ds Max Render Effect. High quality Anti Aliasing Reconstruction, after applying a render effect, is only possible with the use of all sub pixel information available from the renderer.

Every 3ds Max Conform Renderer, with full support of layered G-Buffer channels, can benefit from the immense render power of finalDOF 1.5. Until now, a true Depth of Field rendering took several minutes to render with a raytracer like finalRender or mental ray; maybe it took days to render such effects with other renderers. finalDOF 1.5 on the other hand renders in near REALTIME and allows interactive rendering of DOF and motion blur effects directly from within 3ds Max.


inalDOF is a 3ds max plug-in Render Effect for 3ds max versions 6 through 2008. Find below a short list of features and specifications needed to successfully run finalDOF on your very own 3ds max system.

Supported Platforms:
Autodesk VIZ 2005-2007
3ds Max – 2012
32 and 64-bit

Suggested System:
An installed network card
Minimum RAM 512 MB
P4HT or Athlon64
300MB free Disk Space
Any renderer with layered G-Buffer support

Feature list:
Interactive Depth of Field and Motion Blur Render Effect
True Bokeh Render Effect Based on HDRI Information
Advanced Distance Based Tinting Feature
Full DOF Control Through Freely Adjustable Range Curves
Independent Curve Controls for Front and Back Blur
Advanced Blur Depth Blending with Near Zero DOF Edge Artifacts
Combined DOF & Motion Blur to Get Ultra Fast Render Results
Advanced Interactive Motion Blur Render Effect
Selective Motion Blur Rendering
Multi-Layered Motion Blur Render Effect
Full Scene or Selective Camera Motion Blur
True Vector Based Motion Blur (Rotation, Movement)
HDRI-Support for Motion Blur & DOF Effects


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