Gnomon Workshop – High Resolution 3D Vehicle Illustration : 3D Rendering and Compositing


Gnomon Workshop – High Resolution 3D Vehicle Illustration: 3D Rendering and Compositing (ENG)

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Starting with a photographic backplate and 3D model, Brendan McCaffrey presents an in-depth look at an automotive illustration project step-by-step from wire-frame to finished product, using Maya, Mental Ray and Photoshop . In phase one, Brendan covers the initial brief, 3D setup and rendering. He then moves on to the view setup, matching the camera, and preparing the model and textures as they relate to high resolution work: shaders for paint, glass, metal and rubber. Brendan proceeds with the environment and lighting setup and on to the final renders of all the required layers and passes. In phase two, he assembles and corrects the render layers and passes in Photoshop . Brendan then moves on to blending the image into a cohesive whole using non-destructive color correction and adjustment. Finally, he demonstrates how to apply effects and finishing touches. This DVD comes with the project’s Photoshop files.

Topic Covered

* Rendering in Maya and Mental Ray
* Physically based lighting and shading
* Preparation and workflow
* View setup. Render layers and passes
* Compositing in Photoshop
* Color correction and touch up
* Special effects and finishing

1. Introduction
2. Initial Setup and Camera Matching
3. Model and Texture Preparation
4. Main Lighting Setup
5. Main Shader Setup
6. Rendering and Output
7. Initial Import and Setup
8. Blending and Color Layering
9. Final Color Layering
10. Special Effects
11. Final Image Treatment and Output

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