Mootzoid Complete Plugins Win/Linux 32/64


Mootzoid Complete Plugins Win/Linux 32/64

Software Company.: Eric Mootz // Software Type.: Softimage Plugin // Protection.: Demo Restrictions // Released by.: MnT


emFlock 2

emFlock2 is a flocking solver for Softimage|XSI’s ICE. It uses the three “classic ground rules of flocking”: Separation will prevent the members from crowding and colliding. Alignment will make each member adapt its heading to the average heading of its visible neighbors. Cohesion will make each member want to go to the average position of its visible neighbors.


emFluid 4

emFluid4 is a fluid solver for Softimage|XSI’s ICE and is typically used to produce fire, smoke and dust effects.
It is the successor of emFluid3.

emPolygonizer 3

emPolygonizer3 is a custom operator that allows you to create what is typically called “metaballs”. The underlying technique used by this plug-in is called “polygonizing a scalar field” or “marching cubes”.



emRPC4 is a renderer that is specialized on rendering point clouds. It is implemented as an ICE node and a bunch of compounds that render point clouds directly to disk as TARGA, Softimage, SGI or OpenEXR images (latter is only available for Windows 64 bit).
Even though the node renders the particles in a rather primitive way it can come in handy when dealing with many particles, because it has one great feature: it is fast, so rendering a frame generally only takes a few seconds. Together with the ability to have self-shadowing, ambient occlusion and global illumination it is a great tool for those jobs that need to be done quickly.


Archive Contents :-

emflock 2.00 – Win/linux 32/64
emFluid 4.03 – Win/linux 32/64
emPolygonizer 3.01 – Win/linux 32/64
emRPC 4.00 – Win/linux 32/64
For Softimage 2011 SP1 – 2012

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