Qualoth 2012 for MAYA 2009-2012 x64

Qualoth 2012 for MAYA 2009-2012 x64

Qualoth is a production-proven cloth simulator aimed for high quality cloth animation creation. It has a sophisticated physical model and numerical algorithms that produce realistic wrinkles and animation, and reliable collision handling mechanism and rich set of controls that give users more time for creativity than trouble-shooting.

Qualoth is available for Maya 2009, 2010,2011 and 2012 in Windows and Linux.

Robust Collision Handling
Qualoth can detect and resolve collisions to fast-moving objects, and the self-collision can be resolved robustly even when the cloth is trapped between collision objects.

Multiple Layers
The reliable collision handling allows simulation of complicated multi-layered garments animation. The performance of qualoth is best shown when simulating such garments as below.

Realistic Wrinkles
The material that Qualoth simulates is not a spring network. Its physical model is based-on deep understanding of cloth material property that differs from rubbers and other elastic materials. The realistic wrinkles and motions of cloth simulated by Qualoth come from an advanced physical model and efficient numerical techniques.

Cloth Creation
Qualoth provides the panel-based garment creation method as well as 3D mesh-based creation. The panel-based creations allows multiple seams at a single curve, which enables creation of non-manifold surface such as pleats. 3D mesh-based creation provides options to imitate panel-based creation method to get more cloth-like material behavior.

Qualoth accepts all kinds of Maya dynamic fields such as air and turbulence fields.

Attribute Maps
Qualoth provides fifteen maps that can be painted per-vertex. It can be saved and loaded as a binary file or texture file.

Qualoth supports per-frame cache files and a single continuous cache file. Also, any kind of mesh animation can be baked into Qualoth cache files.

Cloth Blending
Any kind of meshes including cloth meshes driven by Qualoth can be blended using the Qualoth?셲 mesh mixer. The blending weights can be painted per-vertex and are normalized automatically.

Crease Simulation
Cloth has hysteretic behavior. Once folded, the wrinkles are not gone completely unless are ironed out. This kind of creases can be simulated by Qualoth with ‘bend plasticity’ property. Crease simulation produces natural thick creases conforming to body joint movements, and it can be fixed once satisfactory crease patterns are acquired. If plasticity is used during animation, it will reduce rubber-like look and movement and look more natural.

Goal Shape
The goal shape or rest shape can be animated and applied to simulation.

Local Space Simulation
Local space simulation is an efficient way to fast moving cloth animation. Users can control the amount of inertial effect and air-drag caused by world-space movement to local space simulation.

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