Syntheyes v2011 WIN64 – XFORCE

Syntheyes v2011 WIN64 – XFORCE

Andersson Technologies LLC is the developer of SynthEyes™, a camera tracking (a.k.a. match-moving) and stabilization software application offering high performance and a wealth of features at an affordable price. Use SynthEyes for animated critter insertion, fixing shaky shots, virtual set extension, 3D stereoscopic production, architectural previews, accident reconstruction, virtual product placement, face and body capture, and more.
SynthEyes™ 2011 Feature Summary

For information about camera tracking and matchmoving: what it is, how to use it; see the tutorials, our special introduction (FAQ) page and the more advanced Good Question! page.

Types of Shots
Image Preprocessor
Object Separation
Coordinate System Setup
Graph Editor
Perspective Window
Imports and Exports

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