Digital-Tutors – Introduction to Mental Ray in Softimage 2012

Digital-Tutors – Introduction to mental ray in Softimage 2012

2 hrs. 27 min. |Released on August 1, 2011 |Project Files Included (20 MB)
Required Software: Softimage 2012 and up

In this series of lessons, we will be exploring the core tools and features of mental ray in Softimage.

Having a solid understanding of the features of mental ray is a crucial step toward becoming an efficient and productive rendering artist in Softimage. We will begin our training by learning several methods for simulating realistic indirect lighting in Softimage, such as global illumination, final gather, as well as Importons and Irradiance Particles. We will also explore the use of caustics to simulate the light patterns created as light passes through refractive surfaces. In addition, we will also explore Image-based lighting techniques, camera and environment shaders, utilizing render passes and render channels, as well as many other tools and techniques that will allow you start rendering high quality work for a multitude of projects.

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