FXPHD – AFX213 – After Effects Broadcast Design with Red Giant

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We’re excited to have a new After Effects course lead by a familiar name in the motion graphics industry, designer Harry Frank. This practical, software-based course will focus on creating a professional broadcast graphics package from scratch. Harry has done numerous high-profile national broadcast packages over the year for networks such as NBC, ABC, Fox, and G4TV. One of the strengths of After Effects is its plug in architecture and offerings such as Trapcode Particular, Form, and Lux are workhorses of mograph artists. Over the ten weeks, After Effects will be at the center of the course in conjunction with these and other plug ins from Red Giant Software.

Class 01
Quantifying the deliverables list and creating a production timeline. Indentifying format and specs. Creating style-frames in Photoshop. How to use
Photoshop versions of Red Giant plug-ins and save the settings for use in After Effects.

Class 02
Creating dynamic, looping backgrounds with Trapcode Form and Particular, with additional color effects with Trapcode Starglow and Shine.

Class 03
Creating glitz and glam elements in Particular like falling confetti, atmosphere, dust, smoke and more. Also, using Lux to create volumetric light

Class 04
Part 2 on Trapcode Particular as well as adding additional elements with Knoll Light Factory and Geomancy.

Class 05
Focusing on creative typography and using the After Effects Type Tools and Animators. Integrating the elements we made so far to create a full
screen graphic page.

Class 06
Creating the show open and logo animation. Using PlaneSpace to align and distribute images in 3D space.

Class 07
Finishing the show open, and then using the existing design to design and build out lower thirds, as well as using expressions to speed along
lower third creation.

Class 08
Creating full-screen transitional elements in with the Trapcode Suite.

Class 09
Finishing & color grading with Magic Bullet Mojo, Looks and Colorista and determining which are the best for you. Also, adding color with Shine
and Starglow.

Class 10
A project overview/recap and member requests. Exploring some alternative methods of styleframing this project in After Effects instead of




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