Gnomon – Stereoscopic Camera Fundamentals Maya and Lightwave Setup

Gnomon – Stereoscopic Camera Fundamentals Maya and Lightwave Setup with Aristomenis Tsirbas | iso | 715 MB

In this DVD, director Aristomenis (Meni) Tsirbas reveals the essentials for creating properly animated stereoscopic imagery. Although Maya and LightWave are used, the course is platform agnostic and can be used with any animation software, even if it doesn’t have stereoscopic tools. Meni guides you through a comprehensive overview of all the major principles of stereo filmmaking. Meni begins with a biological discussion of how the human eye perceives stereo imagery, and then covers the principles of 3D, including near and far divergence, the conversion at the screen plane, and working with camera movement. After creating a final render, he completes the lecture by showing how to display animated stereo sequences. This is a comprehensive yet simple to understand lecture that gives artists all the tools needed to generate exceptional stereoscopic imagery.

3D glasses are included with the purchase of the DVD (not the digital download). Instructor for this title: Aristomenis (Meni) Tsirbas


Biology and Stereo Vision
The Theatrical Experience
Stereo Camera Fundamentals
Converting 2D Animation to True 3D
Stereo Camera Basics and Maya
Stereo Storytelling in Maya
Zoom and Extreme Distances
Stereoscopic Outpu

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