Gnomon The Making of ‘Fume’ with Alex Alvarez

Gnomon – The Making of ‘Fume’ with Alex Alvarez | .mov | 964Mb

These chapters represent a technical overview of how the image ‘Fume’ was created using Maya, ZBrush and Photoshop. In contrast to some of my other work on Gnomonology and The Gnomon Workshop, Fume was created without any initial design direction. There was no sketch to develop, as was the case with Jester or Trin. Therefore this tutorial demonstrates a slightly different workflow as I allowed a design to evolve organically. The actual creation of Fume was not recorded, therefore these lectures are all created in realtime as I explain, in detail, the process of creating the image. ‘Fume’ has been toprow plugged at cgtalk, zbrushcentral, 3dtotal and was a ‘daily deviation’ at Deviant Art.


1. Forms + Topology
2. Basemesh Maya Edit
3. ZBrush Sculpting
4. Maya Setup + Lighting
5. Photoshop Studies
6. Final Composition

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