Gnomon WorkShop – Mental Ray Fundamentals FULLY UPDATED

Matt Hartle | 1.36GB | ISO | English

On this DVD, Matt focuses on the fundamental implementation and functionality of Mental Ray from within Maya. He covers many areas, beginning with an in-depth exploration of the interface of Mental Ray, including the use of MEL scripts to access custom features. Next, he shows an initial scene setup using a custom naming script to label files automatically and correctly as they are output. Many other topics are covered in depth, including setting up basic frame buffers, using diagnostics to debug your scenes, various implementations of motion blur including the rasterizer (rapid motion), lens shaders, a custom shader allowing you to blur in post, depth of field, displacement utilizing the latest techniques, including a thorough explanation of ccmeshes (Catmull-Clark meshes) and how to access them from within Mental Ray for Maya.

Matt is currently 3D Director at DEVA Studios. Matt has been in the theatrical advertising and visual effects industry for over eleven years. During that time he has contributed to many projects including dozens of film trailers such as 10,000 B.C., Wanted, Beowulf, Forbidden Kingdom, the Harry Potter franchise, Iron Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Charlotte’s Web, to name a few. He has also led teams that created such memorable studio logos as Sony Pictures Animation, JC 23, and many iterations of the Warner Brothers logo. Matt has taught at various institutes for animation and visual effects including the Academy of Art, San Francisco and the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. Matt studied Illustration at Art Center College.

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