i3D – Mastering the Art of ICE Volume II: Lagoa Multiphysics

i3D – Mastering the Art of ICE Volume II: Lagoa Multiphysics

What is covered in this training product?

When the need arises to create complex effects and custom setups within your Softimage project, many artists elect to use ICE, a visual programming environment included with Softimage that allows artists and technical directors to create custom solutions for many of the challenges associated with working on visual effects and animation for production.

One of the latest features to be integrated into Softimage, is the amazing Lagoa Multiphysics system. Lagoa can perform many tasks that are useful for achieving complex effects and projects. It can be used to simulate breakable materials, cloth, advected meshes, fluids, and more. Lagoa is completely integrated within Softimage via ICE, in fact, you use it within ICE, making it as much a part of Softimage as any other compounds or effects created inside ICE. Lagoa is not a plugin and there is no additional installation necessary, simply open Softimage as usual and start creating effects immediately.

In this training product, you’ll be shown how to work with Lagoa from start to finish. We’ll begin your journey into Lagoa by getting started with the basics of Lagoa and understanding all the nodes and properties that comprise a typical range of Lagoa effects. From there, following a healthy series of example projects, you will be shown; creating and working with complex fluid simulations, implementing motion blur with Lagoa correctly, creating soft body effects, creating cloth and mesh advection effects, creating and implementing Lagoa Post Sim Effects, creating multi-phase systems, working with and creating substance materials, using emPolygonizer to mesh your Lagoa effects, creating realistic effects both through physical accuracy and visual aesthetics, and more. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also learn tricks and techniques for optimizing and caching your Lagoa effects and meshes in order to speed things up and get the best interaction with Lagoa that you can. This training product includes all project files and assets needed to follow along with the instructor. Project files require Autodesk Softimage 2012.

Total Running Time: 3 hours and 40 minutes

Video Breakdown:

·         01_Overview
·         02_Your_First_Lagoa_Effect
·         03_Anatomy_of_Lagoa
·         04_Lagoa_Particle_Emission
·         05_Lagoa_Forces
·         06_Lagoa_Materials_Pressure
·         07_Lagoa_Materials_Elasticity
·         08_Lagoa_Collisions
·         09_Fluid_Example_Part_01
·         10_Fluid_Example_Part_02
·         11_Fluid_Example_Part_03
·         12_Caching_Lagoa_Particles
·         13_Caching_Polygonizer_Meshes
·         14_Rendering_with_Motion_Blur
·         15_Soft_Bodies_Example_Part_01
·         16_Soft_Bodies_Example_Part_02
·         17_Soft_Bodies_Example_Part_03
·         18_Lagoa_Cloth
·         19_Lagoa_Mesh_Advection
·         20_Advanced_Lagoa_Example_Part_01
·         21_Advanced_Lagoa_Example_Part_02
·         22_Lagoa_Post_Sim_Effects_Part_01
·         23_Lagoa_Post_Sim_Effects_Part_02
·         24_Lagoa_Multi-Phase_Systems_Part_01
·         25_Lagoa_Multi-Phase_Systems_Part_02

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