i3D Tutorials – Next-Gen Game Development with Unity3D: Volume I

i3D Tutorials – Next-Gen Game Development with Unity3D Volume I

i3D Tutorials – Next-Gen Game Development with Unity3D: Volume I | .mp4 | project files | 2.41Gb

This training product is designed for anyone who needs to learn professional next-gen game development with the powerful Unity3D engine. This training title shows how to work with the Unity Editor to setup a next-gen game environment using new tools and features found in Unity 3.0.

Topics that are covered in-depth include realtime lighting, working with the powerful Beast Lightmapper included with Unity, general workflow, post processing effects, advanced materials and shaders, as well as performance optimization and publishing, and more. This is the most detailed and in-depth next-gen game development training series for Unity3D in the industry and benefits beginners with an easy and straightforward approach to learning some of the most advanced features and tools in Unity3D, however it also covers advanced techniques and professional features that advanced users and developers should take advantage of to make games render like AAA next-gen productions. This training product focuses on workflows and features with Unity Pro 3.0. Unity Pro is the professional version of Unity3D and includes hi-end professional tools and features that are NOT available with Unity Basic (the free version of Unity3D). Please note that if you are working with Unity Basic, you will not be able to use the advanced features and tools exclusive to a Unity Pro license, which are taught in this tutorial series. However, if you need to learn professional next-gen game development with Unity3D, this is the training product you have been looking for; there is simply nothing else like it out there when it comes to Unity3D professional training. This training product includes asset files, such as geometry and textures. Unity Pro 3.0 is required if you wish to accomplish results demonstrated by instructor.
Includes FBX geometry and texture assets.

Total Running Time: 05.5 hours

Video Breakdown:
* 01_Introduction
* 02_Unity_Basics
* 03_Working_with_Projects
* 04_Importing_Geometry
* 05_Importing_Textures
* 06_Materials_Part01
* 07_Materials_Part02
* 08_Materials_Part03
* 09_Materials_Part04
* 10_Materials_Part05
* 11_Materials_Part06
* 12_Materials_Part07
* 13_Materials_Part08
* 14_Lighting_Part01
* 15_Lighting_Part02
* 16_Lighting_Part03
* 17_Lightmapping_Part01
* 18_Lightmapping_Part02
* 19_Lightmapping_Part03
* 20_Lightmapping_Part04
* 21_Environment_Effects
* 22_Game_Testing
* 23_Post_Processing_FX_Part01
* 24_Post_Processing_FX_Part02
* 25_Post_Processing_FX_Part03
* 26_Post_Processing_FX_Part04
* 27_Special_Lighting_Techniques
* 28_Optimization_Part01
* 29_Optimization_Part02
* 30_Optimization_Part03
* 31_Creating_Builds

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