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MarvelousDesigner CLO3D 2011 PRO v3.1.9 64Bit iND is the best website to provide advanced softwares and contents for 3D clothing. The software ‘Marvelous Designer’ offers the easiest way of crating cloths.

Added features
– MDD export
– Avatar skin offset setting
– Toolbar/Window position/size restore
– Resize window in all sides
– Line to Free-Curve
– 3-Point-Curve to Free-Curve
– Scale option for Animation Export
– Axis conversion option for OBJ Import/Export
– Axis conversion option for BVH Import
– Scale option for COLLADA Import
– The OBJ avatar model translation/rotation in X-Ray mode
– A symmetric pattern making method – pattern unfolding along a line
– Animation activation/deactivation per Timeline
– Improved pin picking accuracy

Change Log:
[Version 3.19, 2011-08-04]
– [Added] Japanese Language
– [Added] Copy as Pattern, Copy as Internal Shape. Now you can copy/paste a Pattern to Internal Shape and a Internal Shape to a Pattern.
– [Added] (for CLO 3D) Circle import in DXF loader
– [Added] (for CLO 3D) Trace mode. Now you can trace pattern or internal shape by selecting lines. Double-click any line to trace whole lines into a pattern or internal shape. And click line by line to connect separated lines into a pattern/internal shape. To create a closed shape, make a loop by click-by-click the lines. To create a open shape, click the pre-selected lines again. This is useful for extracting patterns/internal shapes from the standard DXF file which has no difference between Pattern and Internal Shape. Select Pattern>Pattern>Trace menu.
– [Fixed] Unfold doesn’t work properly for rotated and scaled patterns.
– [Fixed] Split Line doesn’t work on lines including free curve points sometimes.
– [Fixed] Seam Lines does not displayed normally after turned off Seam Line display, loaded a new Garment model, and turned on the display again.
– [Fixed] Pin is created when clicking the right mouse button on simulation mode.
– [Fixed] Multi-selection doesn’t work in Object Browser.
– [Fixed] Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Shift doesn’t work in the string input field of Property Editor.
– [Fixed] Crash when clearing Avatar model with animation data.





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