Modeling the ‘Audi R8′ – Day 1 – 4 Premium Tutorial

Modeling the ‘Audi R8′ – Day 1 – 4 – Premium Tutorial

Today we’re happy to bring you the fourth and final day of Madhan Mohan’s Modeling the AudiR8 tutorial series. In today’s post, Madhan will cover setting up a basic scene with Vray lighting, creating and applying Vray materials to the car and environment, and finally we’ll delve into render settings and tweak the final image in Phototoshop. As a bonus, Madhan has also included two quick tips covering command line rendering and creating random object ID’s through scripting! This tutorial is a must-watch for any artists looking to expand their portfolio and learn the sought-after art of car creation in 3D Studio Max!

Tutorial Details
Software:  Autodesk 3Ds Max
Difficulty: Intermediate


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