Motionworks: Making It Look Great 3

Motionworks: Making It Look Great 3

Motionworks: Making It Look Great 3
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In this in-depth video workshop sit side-by-side with motion graphics designer and After Effects expert Harry Frank as he guides you

step-by-step through real-world techniques, tips and tricks for creating a beautiful and organic broadcast promotion from start to


Over 2 hours of expert training including:
– Understanding and working with consistent color palettes using Adobe Kuler.
– Advanced animation and texturing with Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator Pro.
– Generating realistic clouds with Trapcode Particular and light emitters.
– Creating life-like 3D grass with CC hair.
– Animating with expressions to save time.
– Using gravity and turbulence to create realistic 3D falling leaves.
– Advanced type animation plus an in-depth study of After Effects’ type animation tools.
– Addressing critical details such as type weight, tracking and kerning.
– Finishing touches to add color and mood
– Includes Free Addendum Especially for ProAnimator users

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