Motionworks: Making It Look Great 4

Motionworks: Making It Look Great 4

Motionworks: Making It Look Great 4
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Making It Look Great 4 Design and Production Techniques for Adobe After Effects, Zaxwerks ProAnimator and Zaxwerks 3D Flag
Work side-by-side with senior broadcast designer, After Effects expert and Zaxwerks demo artist John Dickinson, to create the powerful

Northstar Martial Arts animation from start to finish.

Over 2 hours of expert training including:
– The key design decisions
– Background creation and modification
– Creating graphic elements in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects
– Logo preparation in Illustrator
– Logo modelling and texturing in ProAnimator
– Preparing JPEG files with Illustrator Live Trace
– Getting the most out of mini-dv footage
– Creating 3D banners with 3D Flag
– Tricks for isolating glows to logo bevels
– Simulating refraction and depth of field
– Finishing touches to add mood

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