Motionworks: Making It Look Great 5

Motionworks: Making It Look Great 5

Motionworks: Making It Look Great 5
English | QuickTime | 1024×768, 15 fps | 44100Hz, mp4a | 2.55 Gb
Genre: Elearning

Making It Look Great 5 is now available for download. This is the biggest, most jam packed MILG release so far, with over 7 hours of

After Effects tips and techniques

Tutorials including:

Create a cool-looking gyroscopic element completely within After Effects. This tutorial includes extensive use of Shape Layers,

parenting and simple expressions to create a technical look using almost no keyframes.

Form Face
Create a slick push pin toy effect as seen in the Radiohead “House of Cards” video. This tutorial shows you how to combine regular

footage with Trapcode’s popular Form plug-in to create an eye-popping 3D effect.

Retro Terminal
Create a reusable retro-style computer terminal animation. Harness the power of expressions, including some undocumented features to

change the text content and look on the fly. Learn how to turn a simple typewriter effect into realistic DOS-style computer readout.

Create a realistic and detailed Jumbotron-style video screen. This tutorial includes must-know keying techniques, tips on creating

volumetric lights and presets, and ingenious workflow for creating complex looks on a single layer using the CC Composite effect. The

advanced CE Screenify effect is also included in the download exclusively for Making It Look Great 5 viewers.

Butterfly Man
Create the stylish effect where a character suddenly bursts into hundreds of butterflies. In this lesson learn how to create a smart

butterfly rig using Trapcode 3D Stroke, control Trapcode Particular particles using dispersion maps, build volumetric backlighting

using Trapcode Lux and use the amazing Avidion MotionGrabber effect (not included with the download) to automatically track a layer’s

alpha channel.

Speed Grading
Master fast and precise color correction techniques using standard After Effects tools including Colorama and CC Composite. In this

tutorial learn how to fine tune a look using the Colorama effect as a range selection tool, allowing adjustments to specific aspects

of the footage.

Spy Cam
Create an infinitely zooming spycam look. This tutorial starts with basic techniques for creating a simple slide show then covers

amazing, time-saving techniques for automating transitions between layers using expressions

Create automated subtitles based on layer markers. This short tutorial demonstrates how to automate subtitle creation.

Bloody Text
Create a realistic dripping blood effect without using keyframes or expressions. This lesson includes a great study of precomposing

and demonstrates how to use a Photoshop-style brush with the CC Time Blend effect to paint text onto the screen.

Create a funky disco-style animation based totally on sound. This lesson includes a slick technique for creating running lights using

Trapcode Form together with the Colorama effect, basic camera movement, techniques using the CC Time Blend and Wave Warp effects and

plenty of simple expressions.

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