Motionworks: Making It Look Great 6

Motionworks: Making It Look Great 6

Motionworks: Making It Look Great 6
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Finally, the ultimate single workshop for Cinema 4D and After Effects. Work side–by–side with designer, Cinema 4D expert and Mograph

master Tim Clapham as you create a stunning, multi-layered news opener from start to finish. This training is jam-packed with

techniques, tips and shortcuts including real-world techniques for getting the most out of the Cinema 4D Mograph module. Suitable for

beginner and intermediate users or anyone serious about mastering Cinema 4D with After Effects at an industry level.

Tutorials including:
Creating the Globe
Working with layouts; Creating and Cloning onto a Sphere Object;
Generating the Globe Effect with the Shader Effector;
Introducing the Plain Effector and Effector falloff.

Creating the Orbiting Text
Preparing Illustrator artwork; Importing artwork and creating Extrude NURBS; Introducing the Fracture Object;
Orbiting the text with the Spline Effector; Linking parameters using Xpresso and Set Driver;
Organising the scene with layers.

Working with Cameras
A basic camera rig with User Data; Linking User Data to object parameters using Xpresso;
Animating the camera; Manipulating F-Curves.

Animating the Text and Globe
Animating the text using Spline Effector; Scaling and rotating the text using Effectors; Animating the globe rotation;
Using Animation Layers to add secondary animation; Adjusting Shader Mapping to enhance composition.

Modeling a Basic Soccer ball
Using Primitives to create the basic football shape; Using modeling tools to edit the football model;
Adding textures to Selection sets; Baking a spherical map from the football model;
Wiping from globe to football with Effectors.

Creating Materials and the Content Browser
Using the Fresnel shader; Adding HDRI reflections Presets;
Catalogs and the Content Browser; The Compositing Tag; Lumas Shader for Anistrophic Highlights.

Lighting the Scene
Introduction to Light types; Using Area Lights; The Target Tag;
Three point lighting; Include / Exclude lists; Controlling specular highlights.

Streaks of Light
Using Viewport filters; Matrix Object vs Cloner Object; Creating splines using with the Tracer Object;
Adding and optimising geometry with Sweep NURBS; Limiting Tracer results; Making Luminant Materials.

More Graphic Elements
Radial duplication with Cloner Object; Using Blend mode;
Cloning Cloner objects; Modifying Clones with Effectors.

Preparing for Render
External Compositing Tag to Export 3D data; Assigning Object Buffers; Configuring output parameters;
Setting up Multipass rendering; Exporting After Effects compositing file.

Importing into After Effects
Importing the AEC file, Organising the project; Separating 3D Elements with Object Buffers;

Creating the background.
Enhancing the 3D Render
Colour correction; Adding glows; Creating a turbulent glow;
Adding a border to the text; Emphasizing specular highlights.

Finishing Touches
Using the exported 3D data; Adding trails with Trapcode Particular; Using Expressions to add randomness;
Adding extra 3D elements; Creating an image wipe transition; Final rendering.

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