The Gnomon Workshop – Sculpting Wrinkles in ZBrush with Cesar Dacol

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At some point everyone becomes enamored with surface detailing and wrinkles. In this DVD Cesar Dacol Jr. unlocks the secrets that he uses in the feature film industry. He will navigate you through the processes of internal and external forces that cause wrinkles. You will never look at a wrinkle the same way as you explore compression zones, anchor points, tissue composition and external elements in your design. Wrinkles can be complex and overwhelming, but Cesar will teach you some basic tricks that simplify the thought process behind the rhythmic patterns. You will discover the why, where and how to apply wrinkles convincingly to a sculpture. Even though this model was created in a computer using ZBrush, the methods taught are analog-based and can be easily ported into a traditional sculpture or other 3D applications like MudBox.
Topics Covered:

* Wrinkle Analysis
* Compression Zones
* Anchor Creation
* Tissue Composition
* Alpha Creation
* Surface Directionality
* Surface Etching
* Eyes and Lips
* Drapery and Hair
* Asymmetry
* Posing with Transpose


1. Chapters Wrinkles
2. Looking for Clues
3. Alpha Creation
4. Secondary Forms
5. Eyes
6. Lips
7. Surface Directionality
8. Surface Etching and Wrinkles
9. Hair
10. Drapery
11. Asymmetry and Pose with Transpose

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