3D Fluff – Cinema 4D Training Collection

3D Fluff – Cinema 4D Training Collection

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3D Fluff training videos are produced and presented by Janine Pauke and Matthew O’Neill. Both have been using CINEMA 4D for years and know the software inside out. The video is presented with a lossless codec at a resolution of 1024×768 pixels.

System requirements:
Windows PC or Apple Mac with a DVD-Rom drive. This DVD will NOT play in a standalone DVD player. Requires Quicktime 5 or higher (Mac) or Windows Media Player (Windows) for playback. 500 MHz CPU or higher and a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 recommended. Soundcard (or onboard sound) and speakers / headphones required for audio output.

Volume 1 – Design & Visualisation
Design and visualisation is one of the main professional uses for CINEMA 4D. That’s why we’ve chosen this as a topic for our first training video. The videos consist of two main parts: the first part will take you through creating a stylish glass vase by starting with the modeling and finishing off the final render in Photoshop. In part two you will learn how to model, texture, animate and render a bike wheel and how to use XPresso and Sketch & Toon to take it even further. We’ve also included all the project files and a few extra goodies with this digital download.

Volume 2 – Radiosity Interiors
High quality radiosity (also called Global Illumination) interior renderings are often desired, but rarely achieved. Radiosity is one of the most difficult areas of any 3D package to understand and control. Many artists are often put off by the long render times and all too frequent image artefacts. In this video Janine will take you through all of the radiosity options in Advanced Render, showing you where and when to change each one to achieve the best results.

Throughout the video you will be taught a technical understanding of why everything does what it does. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to bypass days of future test renders when you come to use radiosity in your own imagery.

Volume 3 – Non-Organic Modeling
Wiggle your hips down the catwalk with 3D Fluff’s Non-Organic Modeling video. In this tutorial video you will find a large spectrum of modeling tools, tips and methods covered – teaching you many useful techniques.

The first tutorial will take you from a simple cube to a fully featured remote control. Janine shows you how to handle bevels, edge loops and HyperNURBS to create a high quality, clean flowing mesh suitable for almost any purpose.

An easier torch project is demonstrated by Matthew along with a whole host of technical modeling tips. These include Booleans, Lofts, Extrudes and more; allowing you to use the right tool in the right place to achieve the best results.

Volume 4 – Lighting & Rendering
Volume 4 grants you access to three and a half hours of professionally edited footage and numerous tutorials to teach you advanced techniques.

Departing from the large project style of previous 3D Fluff DVDs, this hulking green disc contains a mountain of teaching which will help set you apart from everyone else. The tutorials give insight into the high-end techniques you can exploit for your own use or take with you into studios.

Although most of the projects are aimed at pro users, enough guidance is given to ensure that nobody is left behind.

Volume 5 – Hair Styling
The Hair module is one of the easiest to use hair systems available on the 3D market, but knowing which buttons to press doesn’t make you a hairdresser.

Volume 5 focusses on styling techniques, how to work effectively with materials and how to get nice clean renders which show real volume in the hair. In these tutorials we start right from the basics, so no prior knowledge of the Hair system is required to follow along.

Additionally you will find included some extra goodies with this download, such as our 3D Fluff TV episode about fur.

Volume 6 – Animation
Matthew starts off showing you how to model and texture up the objects needed whilst keeping their potential animation abilities in mind. Things are then handed over to Janine as she guides you through creating a pre-vis animation to plan things out, then how to use that guide to work on the final animation.

Timeline, Xpresso, F-Curves – you will find all of the important tools covered. The Mograph module is used to add finishing touches but is not essential to finish the project.

Introduction to R12
Introduction to R12 is a complete starter course with 5 hours of tuition for anyone just starting with CINEMA 4D. Targetted towards someone who is currently using Photoshop or After Effects, or anyone currently using an old or low-end 3D application that is looking to move up to a professional piece of software.Matthew takes you through everything from setting your projects up, adjusting preferences to make your life easier, through all the expected areas such as modelling, lighting, animation, texturing and rendering.

Everything is explained clearly and tips about common mistakes and misunderstandings are explained so that you don’t get stuck. This DVD is suitable for all versions of CINEMA 4D R12 but does predominantly cover the features found in the Prime edition. Some extra pointers are mentioned though so that users of other versions such as Broadcast and Studio know where to look if they wish to read up on specific extra features which might help them.

Photorealism 1
With the help of this 3 hour long set of videos, presented by Janine Pauke of 3D Fluff, you will learn how to effortlessly produce photorealistic and great looking product renders with CINEMA 4D Release 12. A large part of the tutorial requires only CINEMA 4D Prime to complete, and you will end up with a completed project and a convincing product render using only those basic tools. The videos will then take you through additional features such as global illumination, HDRI and cloth to arrive at a genuinely photorealistic result.

With an emphasis on photorealism, the videos cover an entire project from start to finish since even in the modeling phase there are important things to watch out for. The smallest details can make or break an image and the illusion that what the viewer is looking at might actually be a photo.

Learn Cinema 4D Dynamics
Luxx is the offspring of Tim Clapham, an Englishman now living in Australia. Well known for his motion graphics work on high profile brands, he now imparts some of his knowledge with Cinema 4D’s new Bullet-based physics engine available since release 12. In this video collection Tim takes you through several projects making up over 10 hours of footage. Each tutorial can be followed through by anyone with the Studio or Broadcast edition of R12, although Broadcast users will be unable to complete the last part of the ‘Toons’ tutorial which takes you through using the Studio edition’s toon shading features.

Tim walks you through Dynamics from the basics to an intermediate/advanced level via 5 projects. The deckchair project has you recreate a stereotypical English beach deckchair, the sort that folds up and tries to take your fingers off as you attempt to assemble it in the gale force windows whilst sand blows into your icecream and a seagull tries to steal your chips. This covers numerous features such as collisions, connectors, soft bodies and xpresso rigs.

Home PAGE:– http://dvd.3dfluff.com/

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http://extabit.com/file/279o0bd1tlwh7/3D Fluff Training For Cinema 4D Vol 1-6.part09.rar
http://extabit.com/file/279o0ahz3mq8x/3D Fluff Training For Cinema 4D Vol 1-6.part10.rar
http://extabit.com/file/279o0ahz4w10h/3D Fluff Training For Cinema 4D Vol 1-6.part11.rar
http://extabit.com/file/279o0bd1vfby9/3D Fluff Training For Cinema 4D Vol 1-6.part12.rar
http://extabit.com/file/279o0bd1vfbyp/3D Fluff Training For Cinema 4D Vol 1-6.part13.rar
http://extabit.com/file/279o0bd1vfi81/3D Fluff Training For Cinema 4D Vol 1-6.part14.rar


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