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DAZ 3D Bryce 7 Pro v7.0.1.74

Bryce 7 Pro — The First Name in 3D Landscapes. Discover why Bryce has earned its place as the favorite 3D modeling and animation package of so many for so long. Bryce 7 Pro combines powerful features with a smart and simple user interface to make the creation of digital landscapes easier and more realistic than ever. Bryce 7 Pro proves that the only limit to creation is your own imagination.

For more than a decade, artists of all mediums have known Bryce as the affordable 3D software for achieving breathtaking realistic imagery. Bryce 7 gives you the ability to work faster and create more realistic environments than ever before. From the new Instancing Lab and totally redesigned bridge to DAZ Studio, to the improved skies and clouds, updated HDRI and advanced lighting, Bryce 7 will breathe new life into both your future and existing Bryce scenes. Whether you are a professional designer, or a recent 3D graphics enthusiast, Bryce provides you with the tools to literally create a world of your own.

New Features in Bryce 7:
• Instancing Lab — Enjoy true instancing with items that auto-follow the terrain. Create copies of individual objects, or entire sets so as to create huge forests and rock gardens quickly and without the typical memory usage and overhead. Change the distribution and randomness by controlling the scale, density, and proportion of your selected objects.

• Improved Light Lab — New distant, spotlight, parallel, cluster, dome and 3D fill lights are available along with settings for specularity and diffuse intensity. Also includes optimized true ambience, lens flare, and cast shadow intensity settings.

• Sky Lab Improvements — Use the sky as a light source, add a specular map to your IBL, control shadow softness, background DOF, transparency controls, tone-map, and the ability to create and export your own HDR Images. Also includes new controls over cloud settings.

• Particle Emitter — Create animated particles from sphere objects with control over size, gravity, and max particles.

• DAZ Studio Bridge — Create seamless productions of environments populated with human figures, animals and other characters imported from DAZ Studio.

• Improved Import/Export — Now you can import and export FBX and COLLADA date files, including the import of Google SketchUp models or Spore creatures.

Home Page : http://www.daz3d.com
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Language: English

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