Gnomon Maya Dynamics – Outer Space Environments

Gnomon Maya Dynamics Outer Space Environments

Maya Dynamics Outer Space Environments | 2.58 GB

In this DVD, John presents the entire process of creating an outer space effects sequence. Starting with a space ship and a camera move, John takes the viewer through a step-by-step look at how to create a sequence that includes following a space ship as it breaks free of a tractor beam, launches out of planetary orbit, then flies through a field of asteroids and starbirth nebula clouds. John uses Maya’s Dynamics system to build elements in the shots, demonstrating their use within the shot environment. He shows how to use cloud particles as a volume surface on which to project shaders to simulate nebulas that can be both stunning backgrounds and realistic clouds that can be flown through. John also walks you through a series of simple effects that add dynamic detail to the shots: sprite-stars, tractor beams, explosions, an energy field and an asteroid field. This lecture will enable you to create fantastic outer space shots that push the scope of imagination

Product Code: JOC01

Cloud Particles
Cloud Shader
Sprite particles

Turbulence Field
Point Particles
Rigid Body
Paint Effects

01: Introduction
02: Planet
03: Background
04: Background Details
05: Engine Flames
06: Tractor Beams
07: Laser Blast
08: Explosion
09: Additional FX
10: Asteroid Flight
11: Nebula Cloud Flight

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