Gnomon Outdoor Lighting in Maya

Gnomon Outdoor Lighting in Maya

Outdoor Lighting in Maya
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This tutorial provides a detailed demonstration of how to approach outdoor lighting for any time of day. We begin by discussing the nature of outdoor light, the sun, the sky, shadows and the use of reference material. In Maya we focus on a direct illumination approach utilizing both the native renderer and Mental Ray, while also discussing the use of skyDomes, bounce light, raytracing, optiFX, Final Gather and Ambient Occlusion. Various times of day are created, including morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night. Animated lighting tests are rendered and composited in After Effects, incorporating Z-depth based Depth-of-Field, Highlight Blooming and other filter adjustments to make our renders feel more photographic.

Topics Covered

Using Reference
Sun and Sky Illumination
Bounce Light
Final Gather
Ambient occlusion
Creating different times of day
Highlight Blooming


Introduction, Reference and Skies
Sun and Sky Illumination
Shadows and Bounce Light
Changing the Time of Day
Variations, Lighting for Animation
Compositing, Z-Depth, Post-Effects

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