Gnomon Workshop: Creating Believable Eyes


Gnomon Workshop: Creating Believable Eyes

Creating Believable Eyes [Maya Tutorial] | 646.66 MB
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There is no question that eyes are one of the most critical elements of a character. While there are several way to approach the creation of eyes, this lecture presents an intuitive and quick technique that ensures believability and realism. Starting from scratch, we discuss modeling, texturing, shaders, lighting and rendering with Mental Ray. We analyze photographic reference to determine the anatomical structure of eyes so that our textures and shaders create natural color, bump, transparency, specularity, reflection, refraction and highlights.

Chapter One: Photo Reference, Modeling, Initial Shaders
In chapter one we discuss eye anatomy and model the surfaces which will yield realistic results. We also create the initial shaders.

Chapter Two: Texturing the Iris
In chapter two we collect iris photo reference and use Photoshop to align them with our iris mesh UV snapshot. We bring the created texture into Maya and develop the shader further.

Chapter Three: Texturing the Eye Body and Cornea
In chapter three we create the textures for the eye surface including veins and imperfections. We use photo reference, hand painting and even Maya Paintfx to create the textures.

Chapter Four: Shaders, Lighting and Rendering
The shader is finalized including some Mental Ray light scattering. The light rig for the eye is also discussed in order to get nice highlights. With the eye complete is it ready to be integrated into any character, and is easily customized to fit different types of humanoids or creatures.




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