Gnomon Workshop – Digital Sets 3: Rendering and Compositing Urban Environments

Gnomon Workshop: Digital Sets 3: Rendering and Compositing Urban Environments with Eric Hanson

This series introduces the essential techniques for creating digital sets and backgrounds, an area of visual effects growing in prominence. In this third disc of a series of three, visual effects designer Eric Hanson begins with rendering a Maya scene into layers and passes, then leads into the various approaches for professionally compositing and integrating a digital set into a live-action background. He examines the main composite tree in Shake, illustrating the use of the various render passes including diffuse, specular, reflection, shadow, z-depth, effects and ambient occlusion. Throughout the disc, Eric uses a sample scene of an urban environment to highlight all essential steps. This series is designed for all advancing intermediate Maya artists.
Over 2 hours of lecture.
Product Code: EHA03
Rendering by Layer
Shadow Passes
Z-Depth Compositing
Render Scripts
Proper Compositing Setup
Environmental Effects
01. Creating Render Passes in Maya
02. Compositing Setup in Shake
03. Z-Depth Integration and Compositing
04. Adding Environmental Effects
05. Final Project Composite Result

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